a garden is made up of two squares and a quarter circle. what are the perimeter and area of the garden

Accepted Solution

the complete question in the attached figure

Part A) find the perimeter
[perimeter of the garden]=[perimeter square 1]+[perimeter a quarter circle]+[perimeter square 2]

[perimeter square 1]=5+5+5-----> 15 ft
[perimeter square 2]=5+5+5-----> 15 ft
[perimeter a quarter circle]=(2*pi*r)/4------> 2*pi*5/4-----> 7.85 ft

[perimeter of the garden]=[15]+[7.85]+[15]-------> 37.85 ft

the answer Part A) is
the perimeter of the garden is 37.85 ft

Part B) Find the area of the garden

[Area of the garden]=[Area square 1]+[Area a quarter circle]+[Area square 2]

[Area square 1]=5*5-----> 25 ft²
[Area square 2]=5*5-----> 25 ft²
[Area a quarter circle]=(pi*r²)/4------> pi*5²/4-----> 19.625 ft²

[Area of the garden]=[25]+[19.625]+[25]-------> 69.625 ft²

the answer Part B) is
the Area of the garden is 69.625 ft²