Lynn is taking a trip in her car. She spent 387.00 on gasoline and snacks. Lynn spent 35.80 on snacks for the entire trip. Gasoline costs 2.54 per gallon. How many gallons of gasoline did Lynn purchase on her trip?

Accepted Solution

Answer:138.27 gallonsStep-by-step explanation:Total cost = snacks + gallons * cost per gallon387 = 35.80 + g*2.54Subtract 35.80 from each side387-35.80 = 35.80-38.50 + g*2.54351.20= Β + g*2.54Divide by 3.54 on each side351.20/2.54 = 2.54g/2.54138.2677165 = gRounding to the nearest hundredth138.27 gallons