What is 1 124/24 as a decimal?

Accepted Solution

Solution: 1 124/24 as a decimal is 6.17MethodsFirst step – Making the fraction improper:The first step to changing 1 124/24 into a decimal is to change it to an improper fraction. To do that, we need to multiply 1 by 24 and add its product to 124 in the numerator to get: 148/24. Now we will attempt to convert 148/24 to a decimal using the following method. Explanation using the division method:A fraction is written in terms of two parts: the number on top is called the numerator and the number on the bottom is called the denominator. We can use the division method to solve this question. To get a decimal, simply divide the numerator 148 by the denominator 24:148 (numerator) Γ· 24 (denominator) = 6.17As a result, you get 6.17 as your answer when you convert 1 124/24 (or 148/24) to a decimal.Convert some more fractions to decimals!Practice some more problems on converting fractions to decimals:What is 1 61/48 as a decimal?What is 6 6/18 as a decimal?What is 6 14/7 as a decimal?What is 1 87/22 as a decimal?